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Music for Film & Video games (MP3)

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Music for Film & Video games (none compressed audio files)

Getting Hal - Spaghetti Western spoof.AIFF
Rancid - Maintitle 1.AIFF
Getting Hal - Jazz spoof.AIFF
Command and Conquer, Generals - Chinese Army 8.AIFF
Command and Conquer, Generals - Chinese Army 3.AIFF
Excerpt from Symphony 1 Menuet.AIFF
Getting Hal - American Beauty spoof.AIFF
Getting Hal - Peter Gun James Bond spoof.AIFF
Budweiser Commercial - Goodnight.AIFF
Romantic Period Piece Theme.aif
Nokia Engage Campaign.AIFF
Titanium Tv Series Demo UPN 13.AIFF
Command and Conquer, Generals - Chinese Army 6.Aiff
Cinematic Themes for Strings LIVE.aif
Rise Of The Kasai.AIFF
Command and Conquer, Generals - Victory Fanfare.AIFF
Rancid - Hayson in Taxi.AIFF
Command and Conquer, Generals - Chinese Army 9.aiff
CSI Tv Series - Jason Said Linkin Parkish.AIFF
CSI Tv Series - Searching And Finding.AIFF
Rancid - Maintitle.AIFF
Flipside - Maintitle.AIFF
1 Hellraiser - MainTitle.AIFF
2 Hellraiser - Chelsea in attic.AIFF
3 Hellraiser - Ghost Love theme.AIFF
4 Hellraiser - The specimen room.AIFF
5 Hellraiser - Rescuing Chelsea.AIFF
6 Hellraiser - Reflections.AIFF
7 Hellraiser - Pinhead goes to work.AIFF
8 Hellraiser - At the library.AIFF
9 Hellraiser - Chased again.AIFF
10 Hellraiser - Surreal.AIFF
11 Hellraiser - Jake and Chelsea.AIFF
12 Hellraiser - Someone is coming 2.AIFF
13 Hellraiser - Puzzlebox theme.AIFF
14 Hellraiser - Spinning blades.AIFF
15 Hellraiser - Cenobites on her nice tail.AIFF
16 Hellraiser - Someone is coming.AIFF
17 Hellraiser - Alt ending.AIFF
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Selected commercials




Nominated 2004 for BAFTA Games Award, Best Music for Command & Conquer, Generals


2001 Music for Nobel Prize Centennial Celebration.
2004 NOKIA, The engage campaign

Selected filmography

Fist in the Eye (2006) (North Of Two Films)
Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005) (MIRAMAX /DIMENSION)
Rise of the Kasai (2005) (VG) (Electronic Arts)
Rancid (2004) (Sonet Films)
Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour (2003) (VG)
Getting Hal (2003)
Command & Conquer: Generals (2003) (VG) (Electronic Arts)
007: Nightfire (2002) (VG) (Electronic Arts)
Anacardium (2001) aka Deranged (USA: DVD title) ( Anacardium Productions)
Bless the Child (2000) (orchestration, Paramount Pictures)
Wonder Boys (2000) (additional music arranger, Paramount Pictures)

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1997 1998 Graduate School, University Of Southern California, Scoring for motion pictures and Television.
1991 1995 Masters degree, Royal Collage of Music Stockholm
Individual course of Study, Majoring in Guitar, arranging and composition.

Selected Academic Awards and Competitions

Harry Warren Award, USC international student scholarship, Anna Whitlocks Minnes Fond, Helge Ax:son Johansson Stiftelse, Göteborgs och Bohusläns Kultur Förvaltning, Längmanska kulturfonden, Stiftelsen Sigurd och Elsa Goljes Minne.


Lars Anderson, Swedish Composer-Musician, born 1971, has performed and composed extensively since the mid 1980s. He has worked with a wide array of musicians and played with orchestras, bands, artists, and musical acts like 5th Dimension, Jerry Lewis, Neil Sedaka and many others across the world.

In 1997, Anderson received several scholarships and relocated to Los Angeles to complete his postmasters degree in composition for Motion pictures and Television at University of Southern California.

The following year, Anderson won the Harry Warren award at University of Southern California.

In 2001, he was commissioned to compose a piece for the Nobel Prize Centennial Celebration and by 2002 he was working steadfastly, composing music for Superbowl commercials and for the Nokia Engage campaign. In 2004 he was BAFTA nominated for his work on Command and Conquer, Generals.

Lars Anderson is first and foremost a composer that greatly cherishes the formal architecture of music that comes from many years of study and experience. His most inspiring compositions—the harmonic language, counterpoint and orchestrations—are completely unique. There is always an ambition to break new ground.

Each composition exudes a chronicle arc and sometimes very romantic thematic material that is particularly suited for the cinema. Lars has a deep appreciation for compositions that are strong enough to stand on their own but also carefully tailored to accompany the cinematic rhythm.

Anderson lives to play on two sides of the musical swing, incorporating both his intellectual classically trained composer side and his musician personality, often using both to compliment each other and create interesting textures and musical journeys.